1968 - 2013

45 years of promoting Household Pets

I am sad to announce that HHPCC is shutting down as of May 1, 2013. We have only about 30 members and no funds to speak of (Scott and I have been carrying many of the costs for a while). That's just not enough to sustain the club.

The good news, of course, is that over time the objectives of HHPCC have been accomplished. HHPs are now part of most shows and they are treated with respect in most instances. Some of the associations have specific annual awards for HHPs. I don't think CFA as an association does, but many of their regions do give regional HHP awards. The standards for judging of HHPs have improved. Once upon a time an award might have gone to the fattest cat or the meanest cat, or the one with the longest tail. You name it. The judges are now judging on the basis of what is a friendly healthy happy cat.

S.Sieffert is looking into starting a CFA HHP club based on HHPCC. She may be contacted at (...) if you are interested.

The other impressive news is that HHPCC has existed since 1968 - that's pretty impressive!

~ D.Lewis

Revised 01-May-2013

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HHPCC Objectives

Here are the objectives of the HHPCC. What we try to do and what we believe.

1. The promotion of the welfare of all cats.

2. Education of the public in all areas of feline care.

3. The promotion of neuter and spay programs and the dissemination of
information regarding the overpopulation problem in cats.

4. To upgrade the status of the household pet cat in general, especially
in the show environment.

5. To foster cooperation with all cat fancy organizations.

6. To keep the members informed, at regular intervals, of the organizations
progress in pursuit of the above stated aims.

7. This organization is non-profit, non-sectarian, non-partisan and